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407.895.3300 | Vicki Brooks, Board of Commissioners Chair | Vivian Bryant, Esq., President/CEO

A Message from the President/CEO

On behalf of the staff of the Housing Authority of the City of Orlando (OHA), our Board of Commissioners and myself, thank you for your interest in our dynamic organization.

Created in 1938, the OHA's goal is to provide quality housing for those who live in any of our eleven (11) residential communities and receive assistance through our various rental and home ownership programs. Our programs are designed to support our clients and enable them to fulfill goals for themselves and their families. We create opportunities for our clients successful participation in the workforce, and housing in the private/public sector. 

The OHA's staff's commitment to Excellence is the foundation for facilitating our clients' goals. We aggressively pursue partnerships with public and/or private entities to allow for the implementation of programs beneficial to our clients.
At OHA, we welcome constructive suggestions, regarding how we can improve our services. We look forward to meeting the affordable housing needs of the City of Orlando and Orange County residents.

Vivian Bryant, Esq.,