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Hampton Park HOPE VI Program

The HOPE VI Grant Program provides funds to demolish severely distressed public housing units and rebuild communities that lessen the concentration of poverty. In 1997, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awarded the Orlando Housing Authority (OHA) a $6.8 million HOPE VI Revitalization Grant.

The majority of the HOPE VI funds were being used to build a new mixed income, mixed use community on the site of the former Orange Villa Public Housing complex. The remainder of the funds provided homeownership opportunities to low-income public housing residents and Section 8 program participants throughout non-impacted areas of Orlando and Orange County.

Hampton Park is the name of the new community that replaced Orange Villa , the site of 100 World War II vintage public housing units originally built by the War Department as temporary World War II housing. Due to the advanced age of the wood frame structure units at Orange Villa, their contamination with lead based paint, asbestos containing materials and infestation of termites, the cost of rehabilitation of the units was determined to be prohibitive. HUD approved the Orlando Housing Authority's demolition application in 1994. Orange Villa residents were either relocated to other public housing units or chose to relocate out of public housing. All residents were relocated in 1995. Demolition of all the buildings on site and soil remediation was completed in 1996.The Hampton Park HOPE VI Program is separated into four phases.

Partners City of Orlando
Mayor Buddy Dyer
Commissioner Phil Diamond
Commissioner Betty T. Wyman
Commissioner Robert F. Stuart
Commissioner Patty Sheehan
Commissioner Daisy Lynum
Commissioner Samuel B. Ings
Orlando Neighborhood
Improvement Corporation and First City Realty and
Development, Inc.
Doing business as :
Colonialtown Community Builders

Hampton Park HOPE VI Phases
Phase I Infrastructure
Phase II On-Site Homes
Phase IIA Off-Site Homes
Phase III Multi-Family
Phase IV OHA Admin Bldg.