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Section 3

Section 3 Purposes
Section 3 of the United States Housing and Urban Development HUD Act of 1968, (12U.S.C. 1701u)(Section 3) and implementing regulations at 24 C.F.R. Part 135 states the purpose of Section 3 is to ensure that employment and other economic opportunities generated by certain Housing and Urban Development (HUD) financial assistance shall, to the greatest extent feasible, and consistent with the existing Federal, State and Local laws and regulations, be directed to low and very low income persons, particularly those who are recipients of government assistance for housing, and to the businesses which provide economic opportunities to these persons.

General Policy Statement
Section 3 is a federally mandated program governed by HUD to provide economic opportunities to low and very low income families. The economic opportunities may be derived from training, employment and contracting. It is the policy of the Orlando Housing Authority (OHA) to require its contractors to provide equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran's or marital status, or economic status, and to take affirmative action to ensure that both job applicants and existing employees are given fair and equal treatment. OHA implements this policy through the awarding of contracts to contractors, vendors and suppliers, to create employment and business opportunities for residents of OHA and other qualified low and very low income persons in the Orlando/Orange County area. The policy shall result in a reasonable level of success in the recruitment, employment, and utilization of OHA residents and other eligible persons and businesses. OHA, as a grantee of HUD funds, is required by HUD to develop and implement a Section 3 program designed to ensure contracting and subcontracting opportunities for Section 3 designated businesses, as well as hiring opportunities for Section 3 eligible residents. The OHA upholds the spirit and intent of its obligations under Section 3, and has set forth the following policies which are applicable to contractors, subcontractors, developers, and/or sub-recipients and others engaged in projects funded through the OHA with funds received from HUD. 

If you are a business and would like to complete an application with OHA to become a Section 3 business , please complete the Section 3 Business Certification form.

If you are an OHA Public Housing resident, OHA Section 8 resident, or live in the Orlando/Orange County area and meet the low and very low income resident income guidelines, please complete the Section 3 Resident Certification form. The Section 3 Resident Income Verification form may be required if certain documents are not available. Additionally, It is important to complete the Economic Opportunity Outreach Assessment form.