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Section 8 FAQs

Question 1: When will inspections take place?
Answer: Annual inspections are scheduled at least 90 days prior to the effective date of the renewal. Initial inspections are normally completed 14 - 21 days after the request is made. We work diligently to complete initial inspections sooner.

Question 2: When will I get paid?
Answer: The Orlando Housing Authority promptly pays its vendors on the first business day of each month. As a new Landlord, you are required to provide Certification of Attendance at a Landlord Briefing given by the OHA or other qualified Housing Agency (Orange County, Osceola County, etc.). This Certification must be provided before HAP payments can be made.

Question 3: How much does the tenant pay and how much does Section 8 pay?
Answer: Rental payments are based on the client/tenant income, both the landlord and tenant will receive an adjustment slip which clearly details who pays what (landlords remember you will not receive the adjustment slip until everything has been finalized).

Question 4: I have requested a rent increase. When will it take effect?
Answer: In following the HAP contract and OHA policy, requests for rental increases must be received at least 60 days prior to the effective date of the change. The request must be in writing and must have some form of a time and date stamp that can't be manipulated (the date stamp on fax confirmation is perfect proof that a vendor sent the information into the office.) Rental increases are processed according to OHA policy and only one (1) increase per 12 month period is allowed.

Question 5: What are the procedures to move out?
Answer: Before the Section 8 participant is issued a voucher to move, proper notice in the form of an Intent to Vacate, Mutual Rescission (emergency situations only) or certified letter to either party and from either party must be received in our office. Once this information is received and we receive confirmation from the Landlord that he/she has received proper notice, a voucher will be issued to the Section 8 participant. The same format must be followed if the Landlord or the participant is not willing to renew the lease.